Coming from the Middle East, wallpaper reaches Europe towards the 17th century thanks to trade between the two regions. It is a paper which surface is smooth or printed and it sticks to the walls. Usually, it has repeated designs so that you can stick one roll next to the other and thus maintain a visual balance. This product is used in the interior design of both furniture and walls, either covering them completely or partially.


This element had a great boom with the Industrial Revolution due to mechanization. It has been very fashionable on several decades of the 20th century. At the beginning of this last mentioned century, the wallpaper came with floral motifs. Then around the ’30s and ’40s motifs evolved into geometric shapes. By the 60s – and especially in the 70s – wallpaper was distributed in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Nowadays, we can enjoy new design trends and motifs, which allows any room where we use wallpaper to have a unique touch, personalized in our own taste.

It can cover any room in your home, office, office, and shops; having as an advantage that it can disguise any damage the surface of the wall might have or prevent them from disconnecting.