As authorized distributors of Pentagrama, in Megala Home we can advise and guide you to purchase the best umbrellas: Ours! We offer first-class finishes and highly durable materials. Acrylic, micro-perforated, and polyester fabrics, and aluminum structures are some of the materials used in their manufacture. Furthermore, we have six types of umbrellas, directed to satisfy the needs of our customers, that offers characteristics such as 360º turns and sizes that cover up to 527 square feet (49m2), along with accessories that will make your umbrella a key element in the decoration and enjoying your outdoor patio.


There is an umbrella for every room!

Round or square, with a central or lateral base; everything depends on the space to cover and the activity underneath when you set up your umbrella. So take in consideration the following tips before you make your choice:

Materials: make sure they are made of premium acrylics, and that they have an easy to move and easy to clean aluminum mechanisms.

  • At least an 80% water resistant.
  • Protection from UV rays provided by the textiles.

Size: make sure the size is adequate for the area and the use it will be given, depending on whether it is fixed or mobile. If it is a fixed one, you don’t have to worry too much for its larger size, but remember to choose an easy to move umbrella when you choose one that you want to move.