It is perhaps the most important piece of furniture in residence or in any store. The purpose of its creation was the need to hold certain objects at a certain height and to not leave things on the floor. Greeks and Romans used them to eat and make sacrifices. As a fun fact, ancient civilizations did not use this furniture to write, as writting was done sitting on the floor or their knees. It was not until the Middle Ages that they were used for writting. Every age brought its own style.

Egyptians built them with scissor-shaped legs, during the Renaissance, tables had contoured and adorned legs; and the baroque age, they were curved. During the 13th and 14th centuries, France bet on giant and solid tables. This significant piece of furniture underwent a major change in the 18th century thanks to the fact that the English began to make very light tables with sculpted legs. Not only did they bring about this change, but they also created the folding tables, which could bend their legs. At the end of this century, a table style specially designed for writing and reading was created. And not only that, they designed several furniture that gave important value to this element, taking great importance night tables, dressing tables or sewing. By the 19th century, all the tables that we currently know today were created.

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