Tutankhamun, the great pharaoh. Did you know he was who sat on the first chair ever made in the world? Gold, wood, hieroglyphs and mythological symbols; these are some of the most beautiful creations known. It was a symbol of power and authority, the throne of Pharaoh, one tier higher than the rest of mortals. This furniture continued to show power, as it was made for monarchs or for the Church. For this reason, they were magnificent, huge and exquisitely adorned with jewels, gold and silver: a sign of opulence of these times.

By the 16th century, this piece of furniture became commonly used and the first classical armchairs appeared wearing embroidery fabrics and ornamental studs. In the following two centuries, chairs continued to be used as a symbol of power, opulence and splendor among royalty. It wasn´t up until the 19th when this article began to be used in a more practical way, as it is used today. Thus, a relationship between design and architecture of chairs began. Modern, geometric, cubic ascending line within the Art Deco wave. Nowadays in the 21st century chairs are functional and they look for comfort without leaving out design. Several materials are used in their manufacture. From ornament to functional element.

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