Visit and Expert Advice


We assist our customers with this service in any of our products.

Measurement Service

We assist our customers with this service in any of our products.


Regarding any order you wish to place: fabrics, types and models; according to the product you choose.


Made on the order placed so our customers have a better view on how the project looks like.


Order Processing

It takes us less than 12 hours to process out customer’s orders.

Measurement Adjustment

According to measurements and needs previously set. We verify if there is any change to be made.

Purchase Order

We send you the final quotation so you can make your purchase decision.

Dispatch and Installation


The delivery will depend on the product you want to buy (blinds are usually 15 business days) the rest of the products will depend on if our suppliers have them in their stock. Our team will carry out the delivery and installation after scheduling an appointment with the client.


Installation of interior and exterior design elements represents a challenge for some. People usually like to do DIY projects, and they love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from doing it on their own. But as simple as those projects could be, you must always keep in mind that there are certain details that, if you ignore them, they can give you headaches. One of them is installation. If you have never done any installation work, we suggest it is better for you to look for an expert in this field who will provide you with timely and good quality service. At Megala Home you don’t have to worry about any detail. Our staff is fully trained to make a proper installation of any of our products.