For one reason or another, hour homes seem smaller with the passing of the years. It is when we try to take advantage of the space we have at home -if we have an extra bit of lawn- either by remodeling or redecorating. And though, we often want to do this process all by ourselves, the truth is that it can turn into quite a nightmare if we don’t search for proper assistance from an expert. The floor is an important element, even if you are remodeling or redecorating. It can either make your room look spacious and modern or the opposite.


When choosing your floor, you must consider several factors: traffic, maintenance, variety, installation, and economy. When requesting your budget, find out the economic advantages; installation and delivery services; as this represents the guarantee of duration and endurance.

It is expected for the floors to last many years, so it is worth spending money when making a decision.

Choose your floor for its practical qualities then choose the color and design. At Megala Home we offer you wood floors, laminates, porcelain, and ceramic; which you can see in the showroom of our shop.