When do you confirm delivery?

Once the product is in our hand, our team will give you a call to schedule an appointment. We will then deliver the order and install it with the costumer’s indications.

What kind of transportation do you use for deliveries?

Megala Home has its own vans to move the merchandise with the absolute care, and with qualified personnel for this process.

What if there is a delay on the delivery?

We always notify our customer if the goods are delayed. We check 100% that orders arrive on time to destination and that they are installed.

If I want to pick up my order and install it on my own, can I do it?

Yes, but warranty and safety of the product is under your own responsibility. Megala Home is not responsible for the product once you leave the store.

How long do orders take?

Depending on what you want to buy, we have two lines in shutters that may last a week in arriving to Miami, and the top line that takes between 15 to 20 days to arrive to Miami. The difference between them is in the quality of the mechanisms and fabrics of the blind. For other products, you should ask in our show room availability and delivery time.


Who is in charge of the installation of the products?

Our team is in charge of scheduling an appointment with the customer to deliver the goods, and then make the installation.

Who installs the electric outlets for motorized blinds?

We have qualified personnel for this kind of job, and the cost is generally included in the installation of the product. In case there is an exceeding cost, the customer will be notifed that he/she must make an additional payment.

How long does installation last?

The installation time will be specific to the quantity of products you have purchased, usually small installations take up to 2 days and large installations do not take more than 4 days.

Do I need to move my furniture for installation?

Yes, it is necessary to move furniture, artifacts and decorations in order not to damage anything existing in the place of installation.

How long do orders take?

Do I need to move my furniture for installation?


What kind of voltage do engines work with?

We have two kinds of engines: 110V battery and 100V engines at radio frequency with electric outlet.

What kind of maintenance do floors have?

It all depends on the material of the floor. Wood, porcelain and ceramic are easy to clean. Just use a regular cleaning product for floors, water and a cloth.

If I wanted to order two blinds in one headrail, but I want one of them to be motorized, is it posible?

Yes. All our products, in terms of blinds and awnings, can be automated. This option is entirely possible. We have a great variety of solutions for blinds and awning automation.

Does installation have an additional cost?

Yes, but this cost is included in the final price of the estimate approved by the customer.

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What is the advantage of purchasing at Megala Home and not from a wholesale dealer?

When you shop at Megala Home, you are betting on premium quality products, warranties and excellent finishes. Our commitment is to satisfy our customers.

How do I pay?

Usually, customers must pay 70% of the estimated value. We accept all types of payment, debit and credit cards, checks and transfers. We also send accredited forms to process payments ourselves, and thus speed and ease the process.

How do I know if my order is being manufactured?

Once payment is made, you will be sent an email with your initial downpayment. This will be your support of the starting date of manufacture of your order.

Can I cancell orders once they are on manufacturing proccess?

No, our orders are completely customized. Orders already in manufacturing process cannot be cancelled, as it is a unique product for the decoration of your home, office or business.

Are sale taxes charged in my account?


What if there is a mistake on measurements?

It will be rectified with the measuring and advising team. All our orders are registered on an order format. They are verified and if we were the ones who made a mistake, the product will have to be replaced.

What if the product gets damaged on delivery?

We are careful when it comes to handling the products. Our team performs the delivery and installation and they are able to carry out these tasks. If anything happens, in this case, we would take care of the damage, as long as it is shown that it was at the time of delivery or installation.

Is it safe to send my card authorization?

It’s totally safe. Your privacy is safe with us. We take care to send a format where you authorize the use of the credit card only for the amount shown in the authorization, then it is deleted from our inbox and proof of payment is sent to the customer to support the debited amount.

How long do warranties last?

The warranty time depends on the type and product feature you want to buy. For more information visit us in our show room.

How do warranties proceed?

Warranties apply in case that products display strictly origin or manufacturing problems. We are not responsible for damage caused by mishandling, accidents at home, among others. Customers must prove that the product was installed with defects for the warranty to proceed. Once the warranty is implemented the customer must wait for the change and reinstallation of the products.