An awning is a mechanism made of canvas shape or a very strong fabric, placed to protect from the sun in areas outside; either pool areas; barbecue patios or outdoor rooms. Its main purpose is to produce shade and protect from the weather, as well as to close a space. Megala Home has some ideas for you regarding your outdoor patio filled with charm details; designs and solutions customized to your needs. Our professionals will take measurements and install all your orders at home.


Decorating means embellishing or garnishing something. But with the exterior design or decoration, besides beautifying, what we seek is to develop a pleasant and functional environment. For this reason, we work with dimensions and volume. Decorating exteriors requires a concept. We must combine all the elements to break the monotony and provide visual comfort, especially in summer times when outdoor activities are usually performed.


Getting to know every detail in outdoor decoration is what has allowed our company to fulfill its expectations in the different exterior decoration and landscape projects, transforming your patio, garden or terrace in a dream place. We have different decoration products that will allow you to design a special style and atmosphere both day and night.