There is a great variety of curtains and each of them is different from one another by their materials and their operating system. We have fabric, metal, automatic, rustic, thermal, acoustic and Blackout; all with the specific function of providing comfort and give sensations to the spaces in our homes, offices or businesses.


They are decorative moving elements that cover windows from inside our homes. They are made essentially in striking fabrics and colors, but in some cases, dark and fair tones are used. 

The main function of the curtains is to partially or completely prevent the entry of light and wind from the outside; however, they also allow the prudent entry of light in order to protect your furniture and floors. 

They are useful in elements such as windows, balconies, terraces; and they are especially used in the bedrooms where we sometimes require the blocking of light at the time of sleep or decrease the entry of cold wind.



Which fabric should you choose for each room of the house?
How to get curtain measurements:

The key of taking measurements is that the curtain fits in perfect harmony with the decorative goal. If you are not sure how to measure your windows to make your curtain, contact us and we will be happy to help you. We have qualified advice and we will schedule a visit to your home, office or business without any commitment.