An awning is a mechanism made of canvas shape or a very strong fabric, placed to protect from the sun in areas outside; either pool areas; barbecue patios or outdoor rooms. Its main purpose is to produce shade and protect from the weather, as well as to close a space. Megala Home has some ideas for you regarding your outdoor patio filled with charm details; designs and solutions customized to your needs. Our professionals will take measurements and install all your orders at home.


Enjoying a high life quality comes together with sensations of joy, financial freedom, and any other positive emotions one might have. Acquiring a home gives us that feeling of financial freedom, and furthermore, the fact of decorating it as we like makes us feel we are able of achieving our dreams. 

If there is furniture that we can add to enhance the value of our home, an awning fully fulfills this goal. Besides from fulfilling their basic purpose of protecting us from the rain and the sun; nowadays, awnings have a decorative essence and provide us comfort in our own home. The durability of this element has much to do with the materials used in its production. At Megala Home, they are made with the highest quality and we have models that satisfy our customer’s need. 

We offer awnings that are permanently unfolded and they all have the profile necessary for their long-term exposure to external areas. Other awnings can be opened or closed according to our client’s requirements. There is the possibility to control them by hand or by a motorized device which contains a light, wind or temperature sensor. If what you need is an awning for your business or store, it is possible to include information as your logo, address, email, phone site or website which results in advertising as an additional benefit in this decorative element.