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Megala Home

started in Venezuela in 2014

with branches nationwide and its purpose is the exclusive sale of Pentagrama brand blinds. These stores, located in Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Merida, San Cristobal, Valencia, Margarita, Puerto la Cruz, and Acarigua helped us become the efficient and organized company we are today. Its founder, Jorge Mendez, with his vision of future and business expansion, decided in 2017 to research the American market, specifically in Florida, and he determined that this was a potential to begin wholesale distribution of Pentagram brand blinds.

During the first year and a half, he used the existing decoration stores as an exhibition resource. This step allowed him to develop what MEGALA HOME represents nowadays. On September 22nd, 2018; the first physical MEGALA HOME store opened in North Miami. But aside from blinds, our store had a wide range of different decoration products: flooring, wallpaper, kitchen countertops, drapery, furniture, and Italian closets, and so on, creating a full-scale store providing great help for our customers.

For our company, window covering is a simple task. Let our products deliver that wonderful touch of style and comfort to your home, business, and offices. Shades are manufactured in the lovely city of Pereira in Colombia with the best service and quality controls, and a huge variety of splendid fabrics and textures for exteriors and interiors.

In MEGALA HOME we specialize in window covering service with exclusive distribution of PENTAGRAMA® products; such as blinds, umbrellas, awnings, and pergolas. PENTAGRAMA® is the number one pioneer company to manufacture this sort of products in all styles, with their accessories, advanced motorization, and quality.

MEGALA HOME offers a top line of products with more than 2,000 kinds of fabrics our customers can combine. We provide specialized, personalized and professional assistance to our clients regarding the choice of fabrics, measurements, and models; as well as product installation by our team who perform this task accurately and efficiently. We are a company committed to satisfying our customers, and that’s why we offer the most personalized services in order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

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We provide Home decor solutions with friendly one-on-one service. We offer comfort, top quality, fulfillment, vitality, and elegance so you can create the home of your dreams, an exclusive and special place just like you.